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Meet the team!


Fitness Trainer/ BJJ Black belt

BJJ Black belt,  Competitor and Personal Fitness trainer with over 15 years of experience. Born and raised in southern California, Carlos has competed in some of the worlds most prestigious Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournaments which include the IBJJF Worlds, Pan Ams, Metamoris, Metamoris Challenger, Gracie U.S Nationals and many super fights. He's also participated in several outdoor challenges such as L.A's very own 26.2 mile Marathon, several 5, 10k runs and an 85 mile cycling ride. Innovator in the fitness realm, Carlos has structured the right workout routine that will keep you fit and fight ready!


120 E 8th st Suite 509

Los Angeles, Ca 90014

(323) 412-0863

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