Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Personal Fitness

Gomez Jiu-jitsu

Academy Of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Los Angeles, Ca


"I have trained with many teachers, but Prof. Carlos Gomez's approach changed everything, fast! His attention to the smallest detail is what made me a 4 Time World Champion.  I used HIS notes and HIS adapted techniques to best my opponents.  Professor Gomez’s structure and overall approach to improving my individual game, all while allowing me to stay within my individual strengths, is why I took home the win over other schools & competitors. He found the holes in my game, patched them up, then built upon them! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to begin their journey, or even improve their game. No matter what level you are at the moment, Prof. Carlos Gomez & Gomez Jiu-jitsu will help you grow and become the best you can be.”

-Jeremy Dunn, 4X NABJJF World Champion, IBJJF Fall OPEN Champion and Gomez Jiu-jitsu Blue Belt.

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